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11 Striking Images That Show D-Day Landing Sites Then and Now

D-Day Landing Sites Then And Now: 11 Striking Images That Bring The Past And Present Together - The former Juno Beach D-Day landing zone, where Canadian forces once came ashore, in Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer, France. Once a scene of death and destruction, now a tourist's paradise.


Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, Florida

Save sea turtles and get some cute pictures at Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, #Florida | | @GetGreenBeWell


James Doohan was to gain fame as Scotty on Star Trek. But on the outbreak of War in 1939 he joined the Royal Canadian Artillery serving as a lieutenant in 13th Field Regiment in the U.K. He landed on D-Day at Juno beach where late in the day he was seriously wounded being hit four times in a friendly fire incident. Evacuated to the U.K, on recovery he trained as an AOP pilot, and served as an artillery spotter from 1945 to the wars end flying Austers..


Juno Beach Pier this morning, not the best sunrise but had some nice colors northeast. Aerial photo with DJI3. #lovefl ♠ re-pinned by


I also live at a beach town and enjoy the luxury of going to the beach; I always go in the morning or at night time- it is too hot, otherwise- so maybe I could bring in some photos from Juno or Carlin park? There are plenty of opportunities for good shots in Jupiter.


Juno Beach - 6 june 1944 Normandie - FRANCE. Where Canada, the Canadians landed on D Day. Canadian tank.


Tallest German surrenders to short soldier in Second World War picture


Juno Beach

Juno Beach in Corseulles sur mer by the Juno Beach Center #WWII