Man...#bjork how awesome and provocative is she? She is constantly redefining her image and her sound and always she is well informed about new genres and underground music trends!

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Manche Leute stehen halt nicht so auf die klassische Hochzeitstorte ;) [NR]

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color story #59 https:∕∕∕pages∕LAB-STYLE∕585086788169863 http:∕∕∕labstyle

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Duke Ellington :: Fleurette Africaine (Money Jungle album) - this is another one of those songs that *always* grabs my attention when it comes on... (it's that flutter that mingus plays on the bass)

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Capital Cities, the indie pop duo from Los Angeles, released their long anticipated debut album In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery on Tuesday, June 4 on Capitol Records, in partnership with Lazy Hooks. Thi...

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"Something To Believe In" by Young the Giant was added to my Rock This playlist on Spotify

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mandrill. related to baboons and more closely to the drills, the mandrill is both the largest monkey and the most colorful mammal.

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