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June Allison (photo by Nickolas Muray)


my mom loved June Allyson when she was a teen. . .i have pictures of Mom with her beautiful smile and a June's hairstyle


JUNE ALLYSON ~ Born: Oct 7, 1917 in NYC, USA. Died: July 8, 2006 (aged 88) from respiratory failure & bronchitis. She began her career on Broadway in 1938 & signed with MGM in 1943 to film "Two Girls and a Sailor" (1944). Won a Golden Globe for "Too Young to Kiss" (1951), appeared in "The Glenn Miller Story" (1954), "My Man Godfrey" (1957). From 1960 to 2001 she appeared in a number of TV series & made-for-tv films. Her final silver screen performance was "A Girl, Three Guys and a Gun"…


"The first day I arrived, they told me to go home and get rid of that cold." - June Allyson


June Allyson - LOVED, her voice - so husky and sexy!


Janet Leigh, June Allyson and Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Little Women