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How the Jumping the Broom Ceremony Works


How to make a wedding broom for a jumping good time

The wedding broom is popular amongst both the Celtic diaspora and the African diaspora. They are also very common in Pagan handfastings.


Halloween wedding inspiration: 15 gorgeous - and spooky - wedding ideas

When I saw this, I knew that my search for my bouquet was over. I planned on using my personal besom for the broom jump (lift) anyway, so now I will be carrying it with me. I put black rooster feathers, peacock feathers, roses made from book pages, and ribbon that matches our handfasting cords. This is an awesome idea; but I'd still like a flower bouquet! ..LOL DIG 2....


Wedding Broom-Jumping Broom- 'The FeFe'- Big Bow Broom-Custom Made in your Color Choices

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Before jumping the broom, they swept away the negativity from the past to give their union a fresh and positive start.