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Julius Streicher, fiendish mass-murder of the Nazi Regime and director of extermination of Jews, now waiting to be hanged for his war crimes, is shown during his trial by the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg.


Julius Streicher - founder/publisher of the infamous Der Sturmer, sentenced to death for crimes against humanity


Jaw droppingly RARE photo of Adolf Hitler with Julius Streicher. This is VERY early, probably 1923.

from Mail Online

Chilling album of the mugshots and signatures of Hitler's henchmen

Julius Streicher had anti-Jewish beliefs that were so strong even other Nazis…


Hitler with his whip and Julius Streicher, late 1933. (via putschgirl)


Julius Streicher (1885-1946) Militar

Nürnberg.- Reichsparteitag der NSDAP, von links nach rechts: Adolf Hitler, Albert Forster, Julius Streicher, Martin Mutschmann, Erich Koch

Der Giftpilz is a children's book published by Julius Streicher in 1938. The title is German for "the toadstool" or "the poisonous mushroom." Inge’s Visit to a Jewish Doctor