"Leave everything you do, every place you go, everything you touch a little better for your having been there." - Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews So many good movies, such a beautiful voice! Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, Princess Diary

Julie Andrews. One of my favorite women. No matter what, when I look at her, I hear her voice singing in my head.

Mary poppins, the sound of music, the princess diaries, and a bunch more i just cant think of.i love this woman!

The Sound Of Music (1965)-even though I must have seen a couple of hundred times-it still makes me feel good

The Sound of Music (1965)

Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer - The Sound of Music, 1965 My favorite musical!

I love Julie Andrews--her voice, her acting, & the way she seems kind. I LOVE that she starred in Victor/Victoria--one of my 1st realizations that other lesbian/gay people existed. Loved her in Mary Poppins & The Sound of Music. She played strong-women roles, has written some of my fae books (especially Mandy) which inspired & comforted me, & seemed kind. She made me believe there are good people in the world when I was a kid being abused and there was no one. -Cheryl Rainfield

An Evening with Julie Andrews media conference at Park Hyatt, Sydney, Australia

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Publicity photo of Rock Hudson kissing Julie Andrews for film Darling Lilli