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Juliana Pigs

Micro pigs! They're big in the UK and slowly starting to make it to North America, one day one of these grogeous little piggies will be mine!

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Dedicated to breeding healthy and high quality small indoor pet pigs, mini pigs, Juliana pigs, micro pigs, JPAR registered pigs, teacup pigs, toy pigs, micro pigs, miniature pigs, pocket pigs, tiny pigs, pixie pigs, small pigs, Juliana pigs, registered p

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This cutie deserves so much more than to become your 'ham', 'bacon' or 'sausage'.

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Pig food container pig food storage Juliana by birdandorchidgarden

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Conheça os Micropigs, os porcos do tamanho de um hamster que estão causando polêmica nos EUA

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