Julia Margaret Cameron, Beatrice, 1866 | via Christie Riga

Portrait: Julia Margaret Cameron

Julia Margaret Cameron, Beatrice, 1866 Julia successfully captured the model's facial features while stimulating an emotion of forlornness. The sepia filter better evokes this emotion with its warmth, as opposed to harsher contrast of black and white.

Vintage secret garden.  The Gardener's Daughter, Julia Margaret Cameron, 1865

*The Gardener's Daughter, 1867 Julia Margaret Cameron was a British photographer who lived from She didn't even begin her career.

Alethea, by Julia Margaret Cameron. 1872

150 Year Old Portraits By Julia Margaret Cameron That Show A Surprising Side Of The Victorian Era

The Mountain Nymph Sweet Liberty June 1866: Julia Margaret Cameron was one of the greatest portraitists in the history of photography

150 years before Instagram, Julia Margaret Cameron set the trend for selfies with her Victorian era Celebrity Photographs

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Julia Margaret Cameron’s 1867 photograph “Iago, Study from an Italian”, identified by Colin Ford as Angelo Colarossi.