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【黑胡桃木】Black Walnut 學名:Juglans nigra 胡桃科胡桃屬落葉樹 分佈在美東、加拿大奧大略的黑胡桃木,與柚木、紫檀、桃花心木並列為世界高級木材。日本曾經一度過度流行使用在傢俱、內裝上,而造成了美國禁止黑胡桃木原木的出口,加上現在林地幾乎都已開發為農地的緣故,蓄積量變得非常少。 黑胡桃木的心材與邊材界線清楚,邊材為白色,而心材在剛採伐時為淺褐色,過一段時間後會轉為深褐色。日照較多的木材顏色較深,反之較淺。 黑胡桃木的木紋優美,稍微加工即能展現出豔麗的光澤,加上耐久性佳,心材不易受到蟲害,從過去到現在都是高級傢俱、樂器和工藝用材,也被用在地板材與內裝板材上。由於黑胡桃木樹幹直挺,廢材率低,以木材而言,是相當有價值的樹種。 #黑胡桃木 #木材資料庫

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Juglans nigra 'Laciniata' (Cutleaf Black Walnut) - Very rare selection of the noble Black Walnut, Juglans nigra 'Laciniata' has long, bright green, deeply incised, pinnate (feather-like) leaves. The large ornamental leaves give this tree a striking appearance and are particularly attractive on sunny days with a light wind, which causes the leaves to nearly shimmer in the sunlight.

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Juglans nigra (black walnut). All walnut trees (Juglans species) produce edible seeds (known commonly as nuts), but those of black walnut are notoriously difficult to extract from their husks; it is the common walnut, Juglans regia, that is cultivated commercially for its nuts. The leaves, bark and fruits of black walnut contain juglone, a red crystalline compound, which is known to be active against tobacco mosaic virus (a virus that causes an infectious disease in crops such as tobacco…

Fruit, Leaves, Catkins and Flowers of the Black Walnut Tree, Juglans Nigra Giclee Print -

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Organic BLACK WALNUT Hull Powder - Juglans Nigra - Many Traditional Uses - Natural Dye

Artist: Newton, Amanda Almira, ca. 1860-1943 Scientific name: Juglans nigra Common name: black walnut Geographic origin: White Pine, Jefferson County, Tennessee, United States Physical description: 1 art original : col. ; 17 x 25 cm. Specimen: 40850 Year: 1908 Notes on original: J.C. Clark Date created: 1908-05-01

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Distinguishing between Juglans nigra (black walnut) and Juglans regia (English walnut) by comparing leaves

Black Walnut (Juglans nigra); 25 bare root seedlings

Black Walnut (Juglans nigra); 25 bare root seedlings

What Can't I Plant Under a Black Walnut Tree?

Black walnuts (Juglans nigra L.)are valuable landscape and lumber trees, but black walnut trees are not always good companions for other plants. They produce a chemical called

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