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FilmRoll is a jQuery slider plugin for creating a responsive carousel that has the ability to center the selected item on the page, especially when all of the items had varying widths.

TouchSlider – Free Mobile-Friendly #jQuery Slider Plugin

easySlider.js is a very small #jQuery #slider plugin for generating a responsive #carousel from an array of images, with support for CSS3 animations and auto rotation.

Rhinoslider is a very flexible #jQuery slider plugin that can present any HTML element (text, images, videos, etc.).


Evo Slider Pro - jQuery Slider Plugin HTML XML Dailymotion Vimeo YouTube Dribbble Flickr Google+ / Picasa Instagram

8 Responsive jQuery Slider Plugins

We are listing 6 of the freshest JQuery Tutorials which surly will help you out to improve your JQuery development. You can use these tutorials into your web project as well for giving a fresh and promising look.