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Colorful default themes and customizable CSS allow you to easily create menu in many styles. The menu is extremely space-saving and fun to watch. Submenus will slide to the left or to the right depending on which menu item we are hovering. Demo:

With Menu Pro, you can easily handle a great amount of menu items by cleaning up a busy layout. The module is a great navigation tool, while still being a user-friendly and attractive design feature. Besides, nice touch of responsive CSS3 transitions can help you achieve better user interface and interaction. Demo:

from Bashooka

10 jQuery Slide-Out Navigation Panel Plugins

Looking for jquery slide-out navigation plugin ? Here are 10 best jQuery plugins to help you to toggle or hide your contents either by clicking or hover on a hook button.


If you have small amount of data you need to do pagination. Then it will be good idea if you go for client site solution.

AddAccordion is a lightweight and fast #jQuery #accordion plugin which comes with a smooth sliding animation using CSS3 transitions and transforms.