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Jquery Remove Html

from HKDC

Adding and Removing HTML Classes Upon Request With jQuery

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uplicate is a jQuery plugin which allows you to dynamically add or remove html elements (e.g. Form Input Fields) when needed, by using data-* attributes.


trocar.js is a simple jQuery plugin for converting an html element into a editable area on focus that allows the user to add, remove or edit any text content within it.


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Here's an actual screenshot of a very famous Wikipedia article on Nuclear Physics. If you were to copy this article for say a homework assignment you'd spend an immeasurable amount of time finding and removing the footnotes hyperlinks (the blue stuff) references bibliographies and... I could go on forever but long story short - a lot of other unnecessary stuff. I created a website called Gwiki to solve this problem. Give it a Wikipedia link and it removes everything you don't need leaving…