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Joy / What helps you to live a life of Joy?

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Feeling frustrated or stuck? Here are 10 signs that you're resisting life, and tips for how to reignite your flow via @pinchmeliving + a free download of 10 powerful truths you need to know, to live a positive, empowered life.

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Winnie the Pooh quotes for your wedding vows as seen on @offbeatbride #wedding #weddingvows #vows

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It's the little things! Luv them. surprise visits, phone calls, long text convos that's also funny, postcards or cards, letters, thoughtful things or gifts, small joys, inside jokes, fun, laughter, spontaneity, references, randomosity, sharing knowledge, creativity, songs, dances, dessert, treats, food, cute errands, animals, new trails/paths, new adventures, good convos, surprise events, sweet/cool/witty/smart offbeat type of people who differ from the norm & many little moments shared.

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Mindfulness involves noticing, without self-criticism or judgment, the bodily sensations, thoughts, and emotions that are coming up. Check here some ways to avoid overthinking:

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Diets are a waste of precious time. Eat healthy most of the time, and have a treat now and then... life is about a lot more than your dress size :)

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