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We all know those tired clichés. It’s time to kill them. Take one of them and turn them on their heads or at least these will hopefully keep the errors out of your writing. If you think of any other way to change them up go right ahead. Happy hunting!

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Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun from twenty one pilots skeleton clique power to the local dreamer stay street stay alive

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Photo: Debby Ryan Happy To See Josh Dun March 7, 2014

Looks like Debby Ryan is super happy to see Josh Dun! With this nice Instagram above, the singer/actress wrote on Friday (March welcome to Los An

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Tyler Joseph Josh Dun skeleton clique twenty one pilots |-/ stay alive stay street power to the local dreamer

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"Josh Dun's Girlfriend" by sweedl ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Beth Richards and River Island

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun girlfriends Debby's Ryan and Jenna Black twenty one pilots

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this is me, oh jeez hahaha

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Pso halseyxjosh is a thing. :'( sigh, even though josh is mine, I still ship #jebby why does josh date all those famous people?

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Photo: Debby Ryan And Josh Dun Celebrating Eleven Months Of Happiness April 23, 2014

So nice that Debby Ryan and Josh Dun have been together for eleven months now. Miss Debby talked about how hard it is to say goodbye when they leave each o

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Josh Dun Debby Ryan twenty one pilots Jessie boyfriend girlfriend love

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