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The Duggars shared a rare family photo of Josh, his wife Anna and their four kids

The Strange Entitlement of Josh Duggar's Family: For the Record - http://movietvtechgeeks.com/strange-entitlement-of-josh-duggars-family/-The sad saga that has become the Duggar family of the TLC show “19 Kids and Counting” just keeps on getting worse. It’s like every time I look in social media and news outlets, there is a story surrounding the “details” of exactly what happened when Josh Duggar was 15 years old.

The Strange Entitlement of Josh Duggar’s Family: For the Record

TLC Issues Statement, Confirms Pulling 19 Kids and Counting from Schedule

Josh and Anna Duggar Welcome Daughter Meredith Grace – See the Photos http://www.people.com/article/josh-duggar-baby-meredith-duggar

Josh Duggar Welcomes Fourth Child Meredith

Dedicated to the Duggars — #Family #Blessed @annaduggar source: josh IG

Josh and Anna are blessed with three wonderful, Beautiful, Blessed kids, One girl (Mackenzie) and 2 boys (Michael and Marcus) And one on the way!

The Duggars have found themselves at the center of controversy once again, due to a social media ... Just more ignorant reality stars that need to go away

Anna Duggar Uses Black History Month to Spread Anti-Abortion Message

Anna Duggar Criticized After Using Black History Month to Spread Anti-Abortion Message - TLC

’19 Kids & Counting’ Pregnancy News: Another Duggar Baby On The Way, Confirmed [VIDEO]

TLC's 19 Kids and Counting will have a new member to their big family, thanks to the oldest son Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna.

Josh Duggar Family Research Council Open Letter

Here is my open letter to Josh Duggar who was executive director of the Family Research Council in the wake of news he molested multiple girls years ago.

Josh Duggar: Family Members Warn Him — Stay Away From My Kids

Josh Duggar: Family Members Warn Him — Stay Away From My Kids