Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Pretty soon I'm gonna have to make a separate board just for this amazingly handsome

Every guy should dress like this man. Each and every one of them.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - need to show these to Joel. He is the same build as Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Batman and robin. Are you kidding me?! Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon Levitt play batman and robin?! Why haven't I watched batman yet?!?!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Christian Bale. The Dark Knight Rises. Batman and Robin, best thing ever! Love Robin sooooooooooo much!

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Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, and JGL. love me some beards

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Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt photographed by Dewey Nicks for F Movie Magazine, July 2012

Joseph Gordan-Levitt

Joseph Gordan-Levitt-- just found out he's (SPOILER!) gonna be in a movie called Nightwing! (Joseph and the character Nightwing :D)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt YES please

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Photos Photos: Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Set