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8 Landscapes That Illustrate Jordan’s Amazing Diversity

8 Landscapes That Illustrate Jordan’s Amazing Diversity by jordan-tourism-board-north-america

Wadi Rum (وادي رم)

Ride a camel like a Bedouin across the sands of Wadi Rum in Jordan Jordan Tourism Board


(CREDITS: Jordan Tourism Board) 15 places that are vanishing faster than you think: Dead Sea, Jordan (The lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea, reaches 50C in the summer and with water levels dropping due to the diversion upstream to meet domestic, agricultural and industrial demands, the salt waters could disappear completely within the next century. The Dead Sea has already lost over a third of its surface area and annual inflows are predicted to decrease.)

Your Essential Four Day Itinerary in Jordan

There really are not enough superlatives to do Jordan any level of justice when describing it! The people were incredibly warm and friendly and we enjoyed soaking up the landmarks that until then, we’d only dreamed of being able to visit. We had the absolute time of our lives on our recent trip to Jordan, and though more detail will follow in upcoming blog posts, I wanted to pop together this basic rundown of our itinerary. Tourism in Jordan is down on years gone past, largely due to safety…

Jordan: the Kings Highway to adventure and amazement