When every single ’90s girl wished she were Jessica Biel right now. | 16 Times Jonathan Taylor Thomas Made The Thirst Real In "I'll Be Home For Christmas"

suggest.com Jonathan Taylor Thomas - We all remember this kid from the hit TV sitcom “Home Improvement” where he play the mouthy and sarcastic son. His mouth got him some more work it turns out and he did voice acting in “The Lion King.” He became an instant teen idol in the 1990s but, despite a string of TV guest spots and films, Thomas decided to quit acting to pursue his education. He ended up going to Harvard – not too shabby.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas rocking a powerful middle part while using Simba as a puppet: | 35 Pictures That Will '90s The Hell Out Of Your Ass

Top Ten ’90s Heartthrobs: From Leonardo DiCaprio to Jonathan Taylor Thomas

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