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Jonathan Harris | Opal silver cameo Wrens vase


Jonathan Harris: The Web's secret stories | Video on

Wilderness Amphora glass vase by Jonathan Harris


Tigers Eye glass amphora perfume bottle 16cm tall - Price: £85.00


This is the website of Jonathan Harris. I make (mostly) online projects that reimagine how we relate to our machines and to each other. I use computer science, statistics, storytelling, and visual art as tools. I believe in technology, but I think we need to make it more human. I believe that the Internet is becoming a planetary meta-organism, but that it is up to us to guide its evolution, and to shape it into a space we actually want to inhabit—one that can understand and honor both the…

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Rare publicity photo of Jonathan Harris also known as Doctor Smith of Lost in Space


▶ Jonathan Harris: Different Ways of Looking - YouTube