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Opening a Joint Account - is it a good idea for couples?

10 good reasons for opening a joint account with your partner. You don't have to lose your financial independence - you can achieve more together!

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Loophole for couples to cut tax on savings

How to reduce your tax bill by thousands of pounds by arranging joint savings accounts carefully

How to stop living Paycheck to Paycheck!

Budgeting guide and tips for beginners to stop living pay check to pay check. Organise you're Monthly expenses and weekly expenses and build a healthy amount of savings!

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5 Reasons Why Combining Your Finances Can Improve Your Marriage

Money is one of the most fought-over issues between spouses. This post shares 5 reasons why combining finances can improve your marriage!

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Why We have Joint AND Separate Accounts

How can you have a blog called Couple Money without discussing the topic of joint vs separate accounts? Having either joint bank accounts, separate bank accounts, or a combination of the two is a very personal and emotional topic and tends to lead to some great debates. I want to start off saying that what we do …

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Why Getting A Joint Bank Account With Your Housemates Is A Stupid Idea

Is it a good idea to open a joint bank account with your housemates as a student? Let me explain why combining finances as a student is really stupid.

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