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What Women Should Know Before Joining the Army

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British WWII poster, "We could do with thousands more like you.." - Join the Women's Land Army

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A vital war job... A healthy open-air life. Join the Women's Land Army. -- WWII propaganda poster (Australia, UK), c. 1939-1945.

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"Keeps the farms going while the men are fighting" - Join the Women's Land Army. A healthy open-air life. -- WWII propaganda poster (Australia, UK), c. 1939-1945.

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CARIBBEAN WOMEN VOLUNTEERS in WWII BRITAIN - A few of the 600 West Indian women who were recruited for the Auxiliary Territorial Service, arriving in Britain in 1943. The enlistment of these volunteers went forward despite official misgivings and outright obstruction. . Another 80 Caribbean women joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force. Link goes to article with more photos!

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Women of WW2-Land Girls

Poster urging women to join the 'Land Army' during World War Two.

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The second battalion of the Monmouthshire Regiment in the trenches, Le Bizet, April 1915

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How to Get Fit for the Army Basic Training

Basic training is anything but basic. Preparing the body for Army basic training will demand the best from you -- and then some. The elite offices of the military do not allow anything mediocre to pass through their training protocol. Therefore getting fit and strong in preparation for this life-changing endeavor is of prime importance. Every area...

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LOKI BARTHOLOMEW ODINSON! HOW DARE YOU STEAL THE TESSERACT! I AM ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED! YOUR FATHER'S FACING AN ARMY, AND IT'S ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT! IF YOU PUT ANOTHER TOE OUT OF LINE, WE'LL BRING YOU STRAIGHT BACK TO ASGARD! Oh and Thor dear, congratulations on joining the Avengers. Your father and I are so proud. <<<<<<<<< repinned just for that my two favorite things Harry Potter and Marvel

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WWI British Propaganda Poster, featuring the portly "patriotic" British figure (the National personification of Britain; roughly equivalent to the American Uncle Sam) John Bull. He was depicted as everything that was seen as being (for the time) the best about Britain: a middle-aged fat, rich country squire, who said what he thought and never apologised. I'm not sure if some John Prescott-type would persuade me to throw down my life in a cold, wet trench, but times were different back then.

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