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Hookin' on Hump Day #123: Link Party for the Fiber Arts

Join Crochet Motifs with One Seam from Crochet is the Way - Learn this seamless joining technique for your square or rectangular projects ... FREE diagram tutorial! Get the link for this pattern and more at Hookin' on Hump Day.

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Single crochet "join as you go" instructions. This is a tutorial on joining crocheted motifs together with single crochet stitches. The method is smooth, sturdy, and offers an extra bit of color to any project where motifs need to be joined.

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How to join granny squares. Couldn't have found this at a more perfect time since I just finished my granny squares for my blanket!!!!

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Solgrim: Lacy joining instructions for solid edged squares. Post shows a pretty cushion using this free pattern:

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7 Ways to Join Granny Squares

How-Tos for Joining Granny Squares, Crochet Motifs or Other Crochet Pieces. 9 methods, including join as you go.

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Beginners class: joining shapes together with either the slip stitch seam or the double crochet seam.

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