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Relative heights - Apparently Captain Mal would be looking down on Iron Man, Gandalf and Capetian Jack Sparrow. But I can only imagine what he'd call Sam towering over him.

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I SO HAVE A THING FOR MEN WITH LONG HAIR. <3 Johnny Depp I had a thing for Johnny Depp when he was this age at the height of his handsomeness!

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Scale of how tall everyone in the fandoms are... It is absolutely hilarious to me that Amy Pond is 5'11"

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Google Image Result for

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Myrna Loy... Dramatic eyes...nicknamed "Queen of Hollywood"...started in silent films and in 1937 and 38' was at the height of her career. She felt her best film was with Fredric March in "The Best Years of Our Lives". (1946)

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The Curse of the Black Pearl - swordfight between Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Will Turner (Orlando Bloom).

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