(>>Auch deine Augen. Wie sie sind. Nicht wie sie aussehen, deine Augen sind anders, aber wie sie strahlen und du sie etwas zu kneifst wenn du mit mir flirtest.<<)

Johnny Depp - Again another actor who is able to play any role laid in front of him. What I love is that he is great and sexy, but he doesn't seem too arrogant or cocky about it.

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Johnny Depp, un homme qui a du style

Johnny Depp made the ultimate list of hottest men in history, see who else made the cut here.

The 50 Hottest Men Of All Time

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When it comes being cool and looking good, nobody does it better than Hollywood actor Johnny Depp . Johnny has such a wonderful sense of sty.

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I am doing things that are true to me. "The only thing I have a problem with is being labeled.

maybe it's the mystery, but the man is hot. almost hotter as a dirty pirate than anything else.

Celebrities Sky Johnny Depp im obsessed with this man holy! Even with a holey hat he is still amazing!