Johnny... he looks so young @Grace Wellborn

Young Johnny Depp in Cry Baby, 1990

Cry Baby, Johnny Depp.

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Real definition of a bad boy greaser. :) If only more men looked like this…

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Wallpaper and background photos of Cry Baby Johnny Depp for fans of Dreamlanders images.

Want to know how to feel old? The so cute Nirvana baby? He's 21, and probably using his five minutes of fame as a pick up line. In a bar. Where he can legally drink.

How to Feel Old. Really Old. (I’m Sorry.)

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My 13-year-old self totally droolled over him while watching 21 Jump Street reruns. I guess some things never change.

'I'm a normal boy, it didn't took my stylist two hours to get my hair like this, it didn't took my six takes to get this look in my eyes. I'm just a normal boy and I love you.