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Science, reason and logic are truth and progress. The Bible is a collection of plagiarized fairy tales. Modern science utterly destroys all religions.

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Officially licensed Johnny Cash t-shirt featuring the most recognizable photo ever taken of Johnny Cash. The original photo was taken by rock and roll hall of fame photographer, Jim Marshall. This shi

Sorry if any of ya'll take offense but I couldn't help me some Johnny Cash!

"TIL that Johnny Cash, while working as an Air Force radio operator in Germany intercepting Soviet broadcasts, was the first American to report the death of Joseph Stalin.

Because he couldn't give a shit less about what people thought of him.

No joke: this poster is HUGE! Hands down this x print is the best Johnny Cash poster around! This iconic Johnny Cash image is from his infamous performance at San Quentin in A must have for fans of the Man in Black with some empty wall s

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash (Not really a portrait but an iconic image of the man in black)

Giving the middle finger…

Giving the middle finger…

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Johnny Cash: The Story Behind The Iconic Middle Finger Picture

Johnny Cash, Shirt, Middle Finger

This Johnny Cash Middle Finger Shirt has a collage of some hand written lyrics, a popular photo of him flipping the bird and a large version of his na

Johnny Cash Middle Finger Light Switch Cover Plate by btpart, $8.00

Johnny Cash Middle Finger Light Switch Cover Plate by btpart

Johnny Cash Middle Finger Decal Sticker by GlitterGirlVinyl | Etsy

Johnny Cash Middle Finger Decal Sticker by GlitterGirlVinyl