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John Von Neumann and his machine at Princeton Institute of Advanced Studies. Used Williams tubes (CRTs) as memory devices, but used his stored-program concept, thus modern systems are mostly based on Von Neumann architecture. (Photo from Computer History Museum).

Johnny von Neumann "Perhaps the consciousness of animals is more shadowy than ours and perhaps their perceptions are always dreamlike. On the opposite side, whenever I talked with von Neumann, I always had the impression that only he was fully awake." (Eugene Wigner)

from the Guardian

The true fathers of computing

John von Neumann with the stored-program computer at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, in 1945.

from The Times

Wealthy collectors chase classic Ferrari

The car was one of two 625 TRCs built, and this example was purchased new by American Ferrari importer John Von Neumann. Description from I searched for this on