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(GoT) A map showing all of the major houses land holdings, very helpful.

Map of Territories in Game of Thrones this is really helpful!


Jon Snow by Fay Helfer (pyrography and pastel on wood.)

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The Ghost Map: Hard Lessons in Epidemiology from Victorian London

The Ghost Map (a little public health and history mixed together)

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21 Amazing Secret Places To Find In London

John Snow’s water pump, Soho | Almost directly behind Oxford street, on Broadwick street sits John Snow’s Water Pump. A cholera epidemic swept Soho in 1854, killing 500 people in a few months. John Snow (the physician, not the Game Of Thrones character) figured out that the water pump was the source of the outbreak, so had the handle removed. The cases of cholera declined and the outbreak ended.


John Snow-Father of Epidemiology-Cholera Outbreak This picture shows the man that is one of the fathers of Epidemiology. His research has inspired essential changes in the water and waste system in his city of London. This led to improvement of better hygiene and public health.


John Nash (1893‑1977) Wild Garden, Winter / 1959 / Watercolour on paper / 406 x 571 mm Collection Tate


Robin painstakingly georeferenced every cholera death and pump location, so we could recreate the map on a modern layout of London. We wondered what would happen if we tried to recreate the map using a modern tool, opting to try CartoDB, using the the lovely Stamen 'toner' projection to at least keep the background in common with Snow's London.

John Snow's data journalism: the cholera map that changed the world | News | The Guardian