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Podesta Leaks: The Obama-Clinton E-mails

Hillary Clinton's & Barack Obama’s E-mails -- WikiLeaks Reveals John Podesta’s Concern | National Review

John Podesta & Steve Elmedorf discuss "wet works" (code word for assassination) less than 4 days before Justice Scalia found dead | politics

WikiLeaks has dumped another collection of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta.

WikiLeaks' Assange: 'A 14-year-old kid could have hacked Podesta' emails

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told Fox News' Sean Hannity in an exclusive interview that a teenager could have hacked into Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's computer and retrieved damaging email messages that the website published during last year's election campaign.

Spirit Cooking Pizzagate: on John Podesta, Marina Abramovic, cannibalism & child trafficking | True Freethinker

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In an exclusive interview with FOX News Channel's Sean Hannity the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange said Russia was not the source for the DNC and John Podesta hacks. HANNITY: Can you say to the American people, unequivocally, that you did not get this information about the DNC, John Podesta's emails, can you tell the American people 1,000 percent that you did not get it from Russia or anybody associated with Russia? JULIAN ASSANGE: Yes. We can say, we have said, repeatedly that over…

Narro Reading of John Podesta Password Was PASSWORD: Assange Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says a 14-year-old could have hacked John Podesta's emails because his email password was "password."