John Newman... Oh, my my my.. That look just absolutely melts my heart!!!! (;

British pop singer John Newman, from a photo shoot for Hunger magazine, United Kingdom, photograph by Rankin.

John Newman - Love Me Again - YouTube

As either a lead or featured artist, John Newman appears in a lot of music videos for the singles he works on. In addition to this, he is also included in a lot of lyric videos and on the audio.

John Newman

Hard to find gorgeous white men

BRYAN ADAMS PHOTOGRAPHY John Newman / Untitled Magazine

Male Fashion Trends: John Newman en portada de Untitled Magazine "The Legendary Issue"

John Newman

Male Fashion Trends: John Newman para Untitled Magazine "The Legendary Issue"

I don't know anyone else who can rock a Hawaiian shirt

John Newman on

I don't know anyone else who can rock a Hawaiian shirt

Staying positive: Musician John Newman has reportedly been struck by a second brain tumour

John Newman 'struck by second brain tumour'... four years after treating benign growth

The singer may be forced to take a break from music next year to undergo treatment on the benign tumour because medical professionals have found some 'cancerous cells'.

Exclusive: John Newman | Music | HUNGER TV

Watch John Newman's exclusive Dirty Video for "All I Need Is You".

John Newman

John Newman opens up for the first time about his latest brain tumour battle

John Newman had a tumour removed four years ago, but it recently returned