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8-Step John Muir Trail Planning Guide

8 Step John Muir Trail Planning Guide - Follow these steps to get organized and simplify your planning for your next big backpacking adventure, whether it's on the JMT or elsewhere #jmt #johnmuirtrail #backpacking


The 10 Best Campsites on the John Muir Trail

10 Best Campsites on the John Muir Trail Most people take about three weeks to hike the 220 John Muir Trail. That means 20+ nights of epic camping. In my 8 step guide to planning your JMT hike, I explain that while you can’t really map


John Muir Trail, Probably more likely to do this than the Appalachian Trail or maybe just a taste of what it would be like.


After hiking the John Muir Trail over a dozen times, Colby Brokvist from Adventure Journal knows a thing or two about the important gear to bring with you. See his coveted list here. The only thing we would add: the HOBOROLL of course!


Hike the John Muir Trail


Ultimate Female Packing List for a John Muir Trail Thru-Hike


How to Apply for a John Muir Trail Permit: Yosemite’s New Process and Tips for Success

Securing a John Muir Trail permit is getting more competitive every year. In this post, I share my tips for navigating the permit process and how to get your hands on one. #jmt #travel #hiking

Plan & Go: The John Muir Trail- All You Need to Know to Complete One of the World's Greatest Trails: