John Mayer in Rolling Stone 2010-01 ...

Shirtless John Mayer Brings Us Into His Head, Bedroom For RS

Clip-ons....he's still cool & beautiful!

John Mayer- He's so talented and handsome and soulful. Yes, I do know how to use commas.

My John Mayer.

John Mayer might be a douche but he is one hot and talented douche. I love his voice, lyrics, and guitar playing!

100 homens mais bonitos do mundo em 2014 - John Mayer

100 homens mais bonitos do mundo em 2014

John Mayer

John Mayer

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"I’ve never done anything because I thought it would look cool." - John Mayer

John Mayer Dedicates South Korean Concert, Donates Merchandise Sales to Ferry Disaster Victims

Within the cultish watch community, John Mayer has established a reputation as a passionate tastemaker and discerning critic. In fact, Mr. Mayer's girlfriends have viewed his obsession as a “syndrome."

John Mayer’s Wrist Is a Wonderland

John Mayer Talks to 'The New York Times' About His Love of Watches: Known primarily as an accomplished music artist, John Mayer is also respected in horological circles for his discerning taste and advocacy of the appr.