John Mayer風 can't go by looks for a beautiful sound.......this guitar has made people smile many a time.jww

you can't go by looks for a beautiful sound.this guitar has made people smile many a time

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John Mayer - Stratocaster

So he's gotten a little strange over the years but in the past he's sounded intelligent in interviews and you can't deny he knows a thing or two about playing a guitar.

It looks like a relic, but plays like gold. It was designed, ground wired, sanded, painted, sanded again and finished by John Mayer himself at the Fender Custom Shop. Only 83 of these exist in the world. The body's been stripped to absorb more sound and resonate it longer and...breathe really. Big dipper pickups, gold plates, rosewood, pearl tuning heads...drool. It doesn't get better than this for a nice soulful stratocaster.

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Fender, Fender Stratocaster John Mayer 'The Black One Relic'. Something to be said about beat up Fenders.

Fender Guitars: John Mayer (Black One)

Fender Guitars: John Mayer (Black One) just watched a video of John Mayer and BB King performing and John Mayer played this guitar .

John Mayer!!!!! His song Gravity is by far one of the best in recent years.

John Mayer ~ He melts my heart with his handsome voice. In my eys he is truly an awesome singer, song writer and guitarist ;

John Mayer - Gravity [HD] Live at the Nokia Theatre. I love this so much...

John Mayer - Gravity [HD] Sometimes when listening to his beautiful voice you can forget his AWESOME goo-tar skills !


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These days, more people talk about the bevy of beautiful women that John Mayer dates than the music he writes or the tech cred he’s built. But beyond Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston,.