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John King Journalist

Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy." ~ stunning comment made by Henry Kissinger regarding United States Servicemen.Out of the mouth of men comes what's in their heart. Henry Kissinger is a German-born U.S. Diplomat who was a National Security Advisor for the U.S. Government during the John F Kennedy Administration.... See More

J.R.R. Tolkien 4-Book Boxed Set: The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (Movie Tie-in): The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers...

Henry Morton Stanley - "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" This famous line was uttered by Stanley after finding David Livingstone, a lost missionary deep in Africa. A Welsh explorer and journalist, Stanley explored much of Africa and claimed the Congo for Belgian King Leopold II. However daring his explorations, Stanley's legacy is a dark one, as he is responsible for enforcing labor, brutally killing, and spreading disease among a great number of native people in the Congo.