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„Trans” („Trance”), reż. Danny Boyle, scen. Joe Ahearne, John Hodge. Obsada: James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, Vincent Cassel. 97 min.

Justin Johnson on the One-String Diddley Bow.. Filmed LIVE at Antique Archaeology in Nashville, TN - YouTube

#Nuggets 82-110 #Hornets. Al Jefferon 22pts 7rebs 2asts 1stl 0blk. Kemba Walker 18pts 1reb 9asts 0stl 0blk. Gary Neal 13pts 2rebs 2asts 1stl 0blk. PJ Hairston 10pts 10rebs 0ast 1stl 3blks. Ty Lawson 18pts 0reb 4asts 0blk 0blk. Alonzo Gee 15pts 2rebs 1ast 1stl 0blk. . #Blazers 95-110 #Rockets. James Harden 44pts 3rebs 7asts 5stls 0blk. Dwight Howard 16pts 13rebs 4asts 1stl 0blk. Damian Lillard 18pts 3rebs 3asts 1stl 0blk. CJ McCollum 17pts 3rebs 3asts 3stls 1blk. . #Raptors 120-129 #Bulls…

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Where Are They Now? The Original "Power Rangers"

The Pink Ranger then: | Where Are They Now? The Original "Power Rangers"

1 - Isonychia Bicolor Nymph


2004 - USPS -John Wayne Stamp -The U.S. Postal Service has chosen Marion Michael Morrison, better-known to millions of adoring fans as John Wayne (or "Duke"), to be honored in the Legends of Hollywood commemorative stamp series this year.

Charles Chaplin with the March King John Philip Sousa.


Kimberly Ann Hart is the Pink Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger and the first Pink Ninja Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The veteran Ranger was targeted for elimination when Katherine, under Rita's spell, stole her power coin. After the traumatic events she faced This, and Zordon's declaration that her recruitment as a Ranger is over, prompts Kimberly to leave in order to train full-time for the Pan Global Games in Florida. She selects Katherine as her replacement.