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I laughed my butt off when he riffed on this! Barrowman is hilarious!!!

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Caste On The Hill ☆ on

captain jack/john barrowman. I feel like I would have a similar reaction if I was ever put on Doctor Who.

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Doctor Who: John Barrowman sings the Doctor Who theme. (gif) David Tennant accompanies

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Well, more specifically, John Barrowman has cake. I love this video. :D <<<< this can't get better

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I just love 'The Gayest gay to ever gay' bahaha John Barrowman is the definition of fabulous.

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I love John Barrowman. LMAO!!! He is so much like Jack Harkness it's not even funny! Well, actually, it's hilarious, but that's beside the point. LOL!

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Petition for the next Disney princess movie to be about Jack sleeping/falling in love with other Princes.

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I watched this. It was brilliant. And completely awesome after watching Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways.

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Dana on

John Barrowman in a Padackles sandwich... I'm not envious at all!!! #JensenAckles #JaredPadalecki #spn

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Considering the fact that he has at least 2 fandoms drooling over him this is absolutely hilarious. Haters gonna hate ;)

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Exorcising Emily on

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23 Gifts David Tennant Has Graced The World With

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John Barrowman in Legends of Tomorrow (my edit)

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