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image of page from the Gutenberg Bible. The Gutenberg Bible was the first major work printed using moveable type.

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Johann Gutenberg. A German blacksmith, goldsmith,printer and publisher who introduced printing to Europe.

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On the 24 August 1456, the #GutenbergBible, was produced on a printing press. Gutenberg's 42-line Bible is the earliest full-scale work printed in Europe using movable type.

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Interactive Light and Sound Installation Plays Like a Guitar

Resonate, an interactive sound and light installation, entertained audiences in Frankfurt, Germany at the opening party for this year’s biennial festival of lighting culture known as Luminale 2012. The responsive structure is the combined efforts of students studying master programs – “Interior Design – Spatial Communication” and “Sound Art – Composition” at University of Applied …

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Johannes Gutenberg was the invenor of the printing press which revolutionized the world. People gained more knowledge trough books and everything spread quickly.

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El origen del libro

The Guttenberg Press was a direct result of the industrial revolution in the Victorian Era. The Industrial revolution ran from 1760-1840.

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