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Gangster Chic: Joey Gallo

Joseph 'Crazy Joe' Gallo was a Red Hook–born gangster specializing in typical 1950's and 1960's mafia activities such as extortion and racketeering. He was also flamboyant, charming, and well-read, and in the early 1970s he became kind of a celebrity, hanging out with writers, actors, and other New York scenesters.


Red Hen by Joe Garcia Watercolor ~ 7 x 4.25


Albert Gallo aka Kid Blast, brother of Albert and Joe, Gallo became a captain in the Genovese family after he left the Colombo family.


Mob boss Joe Gallo (left) with his brother Larry Gallo in this 1961 picture. Joe was killed while celebrating his birthday in 1972.


Joe gallo consigliere gambino family under paul castellano


Look at this chicken.. The Belgian Bearded d'Uccle! Color: Mille Fleur. French. Renowned for being a calm bird. Bearded D'Uccle eggs are notably small. The breed is known for being very broody.


Rooster by Joe Garcia Watercolor ~ 7 x 4.25


Mobster Joey Gallo was born April 7, 1929 in Brooklyn, New York. The man commonly known as Crazy Joey also had a softer side. He liked to write poetry and became known for befriending pop stars and poets. But his self promotion did not sit well with New York's mafia leaders, and he was gunned down in mid-bite at his favorite New York restaurant on April 7, 1972.