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Why does so little training exist for the most grim job in law enforcement?

As for Guy, he moved downtown into Nina and Chastity’s apartment building (neg chemistry with both!), and got a job in Law Enforcement. I kinda hate his face

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UK study: DRM pushes people to piracy

UK study: DRM pushes people to piracy | An interesting new study by Cambridge professor has found that DRM does the opposite of its actual job and pushes people to piracy rather than preventing it. Buying advice from the leading technology site

Undercover police can build cases against criminal enterprises in a way that no other arm of law enforcement can. But their jobs require them to convincing

What is criminal psychology? -- The many roles of a criminal psychologist -- The profiler -- Criminal profiling in fiction and history -- Crime-specific profiling -- The dangers, temptations, and limitations of criminal psychology.


Law Enforcement Agents sees a lot of terrible things since they see the worst in humanity. It basically comes with the job. And sometimes they witness a crime so horrifying that it haunts them for the rest of their life. Here are the experiences that they'll never forget.


Candidates for law enforcement jobs in Colorado will have to pass psychological as well as physical tests, the state’s police oversight board has decided. The body also ruled that officers with felony convictions will not be allowed to stay on the job.

I have been falsely accused of a crime by someone with - I have been falsely accused of a crime by someone with an agenda and a dodgy as far as I can see person in law enforcement.I have never been in trouble in my life, I had the choice to admit the crime and not go to court or plead not guilty.I have pleased not guilty of course as this is the truth and my trial is on Thursday I am so worried I know I am innocent but I have never been in court before and I am scared.I hold a responsible…