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Jobs In Dc

Jobs for the girls: Amazing vintage photographs provide a vivid snapshot of working life for British women during World War Two

Jobs for the girls: Other naval roles available to women included working as motor transport drivers, although as this image shows, that often included doing repairs

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I like all the costumes in Rogue One, especially the ones worn by Stardust (Jyn) and Cassian. Jyn's brown rebel jacket with vest and scarf is so cool as is Cassian's brown rebel jacket and his blue rebel parka. The costume designers, David Crossman and Glyn Dillon did an amazing job with nailing the look of the outfits.

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Steve Jobs: 25 times Michael Fassbender was just the coolest

As Steve Jobs hits screens across the UK, here’s 25 reminders why its leading man Michael Fassbender is the most kickass actor in movies.

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There’s a Jeremy Renner gif for ever occasion..

In ur cupboards, stealing ur cookies! • There's a Jeremy Renner gif for ever occasion..

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Odin with little Loki SQUEE! Older Loki is hot, but little Loki is simply ADORABLE!! He's cuter than a puppy!!

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"...and proceeds to smack himself in the eye." Thor: Handles hammers, not whips. Chris: handles whips not hammers

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This curvaceous shabby chic beauty would be the star of any living room or kitchen! We love its arched top and pretty detail. We've painted in Farrow & Ball Plummet with All White inside and lightly distressed.

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The Best Cosplay Day Three Of Comic-Con 2013

At first I thought this was a picture of DdV in his Penguin costume, then I remembered that I was searching COSPLAY in this. I bow down to you, Mr. Pen-I MEAN COBBLEPOT. << Until I read the description, I also thought this was the actual actor! Very well done!

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