Jo Frost, ABC's 'Supernanny', offers parents these rules to help put their children to bed, so everyone can get a good-night's sleep.

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As a working mom, you're overwhelmed with chores and a mile-long TTD (Things to Do) list. And your kids keep badgering you for the latest electronic gizmos while you're on your hands and knees scrubbing the toilet. How can you get them to help out? Here are some tips from ABC's The Super Nanny to help get your kids off the couch - so you can sit down!

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Renowned parenting expert and self-proclaimed troubleshooter, Jo Frost is the UK's most trusted nanny and a bestselling author. Her natural gift for connecting with children and helping parents navigate milestones with practical know-how and advice has seen her help thousands of families rebuild their lives. Today Jo joins us to tell us about her latest book Toddler Rules, which focuses on her top five parenting rules of sleep, food, play, learning and manners. Jo Frost's Toddler Rules…

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Jo Frost's Confident Baby Care: What You Need to Know for the First Year from America's Most Trusted Nanny by Jo Frost,

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Jo Frost, a childcare expert, said that children controlling parents is a common phenomenon, and it’s not uncommon for moms to feel overwhelmed and ignored.

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10 sleep training tips from Supernanny Jo Frost #sleeptraining #nannylife #nanny #supernanny #sleeptips

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The Supernanny’s Amazingly Simple Solution to Tantrums - I'm going to have to read her books!

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