If you do the bare minimum, expect bare minimum results. You want to be great, work to be great. Nothing just happens. -JJ Watt

Houston Texans defensive end J. Watt is making headlines for raising millions and millions of dollars for disaster relief for.


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Sweet mother of God.  I would buy pizza all day every Tuesday if I lived in Houston.  I <3 J.J. Watt  *drool*

J.J. Watt joins forces with Papa John’s to deliver pizzas for charity

JJ WATT Quote - Success isn't Owned It's Leased and Rent is Due Every Day T Shirt

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JJ WATT - this young man has his priorities right!!!!  What an incredible role model for our children!!!!

JJ WATT - Love this guy! I like the Texans because of Him and his hard work ethic

“Success isn’t owned, It’s leased, and rent is due every day.” ~ JJ Watt #quote #leadership #inspiration

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“Success isn’t owned, It’s leased, and rent is due every day.