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JJ Feild in 'Austenland' Screening in LA

My newest favorite movie, Austenland. Nobly (aka JJ Field is charming and handsome!) I can't get over how much this guy looks like Hiddleston!

JJ Feild. Go watch Austenland now.

One of these days JJ Field is going to be in a blockbuster and then he will join the ranks of long-legged, good-looking, uber charming and talented Brits who are taking over the internet. But for now, I'll take Northanger Abbey and Austenland.

JJ Feild | Third Star, Austenland | {Not fair, sir. Your smile is perfect!}

A Moment With Austenland's JJ Feild

JJ Feild -Austenland *it's true then, all british actors are smoking hot and my type :P*

JJ Feild

““ I watched Austenland last night! All the JJ Feild feels!” Another Feild Fancier!

These three HAVE to have been separated at birth. Whoa.     (From top: Tom Hiddleston, JJ Field, Lee Pace)

Looking very much like brothers ~ Tom Hiddleston, JJ Feild, Lee Pace

JJ Feild ~ Austenland screening in New York City (August 12, 2013)

John Joseph Feild at Austenland screening in New York City (August

Ya so about that face and voice and personality.....DAYUMMM

Wrote some Henry scenes today. Shamelessly named after JJ Field's character in "Austenland".

JJ Field in Third Star" - He is so beautiful!! <3

JJ Field in Third Star" - I think this is my favourite picture of him

JJ Feild . . . aka Henry Tilney from Northanger Abbey and later Austenland

JJ Feild, Actor: Captain America: The First Avenger. JJ Feild was born on April 1978 in Boulder, Colorado, USA as John Joseph Feild. He is an actor, known for Captain America: The First Avenger Centurion and Austenland