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My youngest daughter was just about to transition out of her crib and into her big girl bed like her older sister. They were both growing up so fast I wanted to give them a bedroom makeover that encompassed everything they loved to do at this stage in their life. Playing dress up, having tea parties and of course being a fairy princess. I sat down with my older daughter who is 4 and we put together the most awesome To do list of anything our little minds could come up with. Riding unicorns…

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Hand Stamped Jinx Sisters Quote and Handmade Fishbones Pendant Necklace or Keychain Inspired by League of Legends on Etsy, £7.98

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Ozalene Robbinn, oneirokinesis, (controller of sleep, dreams, etc.), younger sister of Wolfgang.

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[Self] My Jinx cosplay from SDCC 2016 featuring my sister as Teemo.

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