idk about y'all but i LIVE for Kim's dad jokes

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idk about y'all but i LIVE for jin's dad jokes <<< Jimin looks so disappointed in his mom telling dad jokes and Jin doesn't even care oml lmao

Omg, I'm so happy! Tae is my bias and potatoes are my favorite food!!!

Ngl, I’d eat some poTAEtoes.I swear i am a loyal Jimin Stan, my fave food is Mochi so ha😏

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It only took a while until I realized it. XD I actually like puns, so I'm all up for Jin's Dad jokes.

Výsledek obrázku pro dad jokes jin bts

I wonder if Jin ever sees these and uses them on the rest of BTS

Not gonna lie Jin actually kills me with his jokes lol he's cute

I love his dad jokes sm and I am also a person who tells bad jokes and I love him and life and I'm soft


at this point this board will be the biggest board of all of mine