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purple haze up in my brain; rainy days they don't seem the same; actin' funny, but I don't know why, 'xcuse me while I kiss the sky


Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970 - According to surgeon John Bannister, the doctor who initially attended to him, Hendrix had asphyxiated in his own vomit, mainly red wine which had filled his airways.The autopsy never mentioned wine, only vomited matter. Bannister was struck off the Medical register in 1992 for fraud. A former Animals "roadie", James "Tappy" Wright, published a book in May 2009 claiming Hendrix's manager, Mike Jeffery, admitted to him that he had Hendrix killed.

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The Greatest Musicians Who Died Before 40

Some of the best musicians in history only lived for a few short decades. This list ranks those musicians whose lives were taken before they turned 40, whether intentionally or accidentally, including everyone from Bob Marley to Mozart.