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Jiāng Shī–Hopping Corpses

A jiangshi, also known as a Chinese "hopping" vampire or zombie, is a type of reanimated corpse in Chinese legends and folklore. It is typically depicted as a stiff corpse dressed in official garments from the Qing Dynasty, and it moves around by hopping, with its arms outstretched. It kills living creatures to absorb their qi, or "life force", usually at night, while in the day, it rests in a coffin or hides in dark places such as caves

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Legend of Jiang Shi: The Hopping Vampire (China) In Mian county, in China’s Shaanxi province, rural folk never venture out of doors after dark. The reason for this is that they fear the Jiang Shi: the hopping vampire. The

Jiang-Shi - The "hopping vampire" of Chinese myth . The Chinese Vampire drains life energy, it cannot speak, has pale skin, long claw-like fingernails, and a long prehensile tongue. It moves by hopping and always has its arms outstretched in rigor mortis. n some versions, it detects potential victims by the energy fluctuations caused by their breathing - one can hide, for a while, from one by holding one's breath.

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MYTHOLOGY SET - Jiang-Shi by on @deviantART Partly because Anime NEXT focuses on Anime and Asian culture, partly because my dear friend loves these guys and wanted to see 'em included in the set. I can never say no to her~