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John F. Kennedy - Address on Civil Rights - 11 June 1963, following George Wallace "doorway stand" at the University of Alabama


"I was always a liability to him." ~ Jackie Kennedy speaking of her husband. She always doubted her influence on the public. Jackie never noticed that the crowds increased immeasurably whenever she made an appearance. She thought herself to be hazardous to Jack's political career. Nonetheless, she praised her husband and said after his death: "He never asked me to change."


JFK'S "CUBAN MISSLE CRISIS" SPEECH (10/22/62) (COMPLETE AND UNCUT) ... This high-quality version of President Kennedy's 10/22/62 Cuban Missile Crisis speech is somewhat rare, because it is complete and unedited. Usually only sma...


50 years after murder of JFK, the truth of all the President's women

Mrs. Kennedy prepares for her address to the nation in February 1964 to acknowledge the condolences sent to her family after President Kennedy's assassination.


JFK and me: pictures of the president

JFK. Kennedy addresses the Houston Ministerial Association on the ‘religious question’ of his Catholicism. He received a standing ovation. Photograph: Stanley Tetrick/Corbis


Guy Banister's 544 Camp Street address. The building also housed the Cuban Revolutionary Council -- a militant anti-Castro organization created by the CIA.

JFK Address at U.N. General Assembly, 25 September 1961 - John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum.


Italian english visual bilingual dictionary


John F Kennedy Official White House Portrait. Click through to see photo gallery as the nation pauses to remember him.