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Jewish Sign

See the lovely sewing poster bottom left. Mass Jewish settlement in Spitalfields combines with the invention of the sewing machine to launch the mechanized clothing trade – and introduces bagels to the area.

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Posner's Commercial Road A. I love these photos of London storefronts from 1988.

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VEGVISIR COMPASS: the Norse symbol of protection. “Vegvisir” is icelandic for “guidepost”. They believe that the wearer of this symbol won’t get lost and will always find his/her way

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New York Street Signs. - Apartments for Rent, with No Broker's Fee, in New York City.

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Babylonians priests developed the zodiac of twelve signs and some of the world's first horoscopes which afterwards lead to the development of astrology. The technology of Mesopotamia was so highly advanced that they divided the year into 12 months, month into 30 days, day into 2*12 hours, hour into 60 minutes and minute into 60 seconds.

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"The Jew and France": French anti-Jewish WWII propaganda poster by Michel Jacquot, ca. 1942

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The cast of ‘Orange is the New Black’ cleans up nicely in real life (34 Photos)

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40" Abstract figurative painting on canvas purple red blue color light thick paint huge wall painting Jewish art interior design

Abstract figurative painting on canvas "Zodiac signs" green blue red color light thick paint huge wall painting Israeli art MADE-TO-ORDER

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