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Of all the Old Testament covenants, the one God made with Abram is the most important. Nevertheless in spite of the plain language of the Bible, it is asserted by some Christians that its relevance to ethnic Israel has been completely superseded to the allegorisation and symbolism that declares it to be applicable to the church. I hope I am not upsetting any of my readers when I say that it has to be plain nonsense.

After 522 Years, Spain Seeks To Make Amends For Expulsion Of Jews

Spain's monarchy decimated the Jewish population by expelling, killing or forcibly converting Jews in 1492. Now the country may offer their descendants Spanish citizenship.

Never forget. 6 million children, women and men murdered in the Holocaust. In some countries, up to 91% of the Jewish population was exterminated - entire villages destroyed. In Poland, 3,000,000 Jews. In the Soviet Union, 1,100,000. It could happen again if we let Jews, to Muslims, or to any other group deemed subhuman or subversive. Never forget...and never let it happen again. by roberta

[Photo] List of Jewish populations by country used at the Wannsee Conference, 20 Jan 1942

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City Walk: Places of Worship in Panama City, Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama's largest city, houses the country's most churches. The majority of the population is Catholic, though there are Muslim and Jewish communities as well. Here you can admire beautiful old churches dating back to the beginning of 15th century. Take this tour to discover Panama City’s best known churches.